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La France

A warm sound, a sensitive interpretation, deep emotion, an astonishingly sensitive, almost lyrical touch, big dramatic lines, incredibly precise technique and an unconventional choice of repertory....

Falko Steinbach, Interview RheinArt (a.o.)

A musician‘s personal style has to be the most honest thing he possesses. And that is the subconscious. Just as a dream can only manifest itself by being consciously analyzed, so too can the artist give life to a subconscious inspiration or his creativity by grasping them mentally. In order to achieve this he must apply absolute concentration and technique. It is the only way for the subconscious to materialize in the form of...

Joanne Hoover, Albuquerque Journal

Steinbach plays like the composer he is, with a strong narrative sense and informed structural grasp. His approach resembles that of pianists like Alfred Brendel and Maurizio Polini, who submerge themselves in the composer’s intention, going deep into the score....