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Falko Steinbach, Interview RheinArt (a.o.)

A musician‘s personal style has to be the most honest thing he possesses. And that is the subconscious. Just as a dream can only manifest itself by being consciously analyzed, so too can the artist give life to a subconscious inspiration or his creativity by grasping them mentally. In order to achieve this he must apply absolute concentration and technique. It is the only way for the subconscious to materialize in the form of thought. And in this process there is no room for dogmatism but only for inner stringency. Technique is the basis for flexible and spontaneous expression. It is the materialization of subconscious emotions. A note is always created from within a movement. Your body awareness must correlate with the music. Working on a piece is an ongoing process. And the growing understanding of the technical side of it leads to a transformation of one‘s emotions vice versa. Personally, aside from the emotional, mental and rational analysis of music, teaching and composing is also an important aspect of my work. The ideas I get while teaching and composing are vital for me. And one of the most important things is retaining my ability to abstract.