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Hello! I am Falko Steinbach.

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“Music is very strongly connected with human beings and humanity, so I think it is important to know why you make music”, said the German born Steinbach. And for him that why means concentration and attention, never a mindless rattling off of notes.

– Pasatiempo

Steinbach plays like the composer he is, with a strong narrative sense and informed structural grasp. His approach resembles that of pianists like Alfred Brendel and Maurizio Polini, who submerge themselves in the composer’s intention, going deep into the score.

– Joanne Hoover, Albuquerque Journal

… la sua ammaliante esecuzione della Fantasia op. 116 die Brahms ha letteramente ipnotizzato I presenti.

– Liberta (Italy)

Steinbach bewältigt die diversen Stile mit traumwandlerischer Sicherheit und zupackender Virtuosität - und davon benötigt er eine gehörige Portion.

– Fono Forum

L’Europe sur une trame musicale. Falko Steinbach, un jeune pianiste allemand don’t le renom commence a franchir les frontieres.

– La France

Figures are highly creative and beautiful compositions that are well worth studying, teaching and performing. In particular, they may be highly motivating for students who are more perceptive to sonorities, colors, and mood in music.

– Clavier Companion – March/April 2012

Mozarts klangvoller tonreich wirbelnder Stil kontra Schumanns kühne Harmonik wurde von Steinbach atemberaubend umgesetzt in ein Feuerwerk poetisch interpretierter Musik.

– neue musikzeitung

A warm sound, a sensitive interpretation, deep emotion, an astonishingly sensitive, almost lyrical touch, big dramatic lines, incredibly precise technique and an unconventional choice of repertory.

– La France

Steinbach gehört jener neuen Generation von Pianisten an, die gleichermaßen verantwortungsbewußt wie auch umsichtig mit klassischer und moderner Literatur umzugehen verstehen.

– Philharmonische Blätter

The musical fantasy, the sensitivity for touch, the inspired quality of sound – these are talents Falko Steinbach was born with. And because of them he fascinates his listeners.

– Hannelore Bauer-Bienen, Rhein-Sieg-Anzeiger